Why Au Naturel?

The idea of Au Naturel came to me when I was having a hard time finding products I needed in my hometown. Like many of us, I have sensitive skin. That means using anything with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES and sometimes SLS) gives me a reaction. And it's in EVERYTHING! Just try going into a drug store to buy a product you use in the shower without this ingredient. You won't find one.

When I researched SLS, what I found was astonishing. It is in just about every product that foams up. Even baby products and shampoo! It can be tied to direct damage of the hair follicle leading to hair loss, skin damage, permanent eye damage, liver toxicity, protein denaturing, hormone imbalance, and carcinogenicity which has the potential to cause cancer. Does that sound like something you want to use daily? Me neither. That's when I started looking into products that contained natural and organic ingredients. And somehow, because I am a product junkie and love to indulge in home spa treatments, (I even installed a steam shower that’s resembles a car wash in my own home) I came to the creation of Au Naturel Health & Beauty to provide healthy alternatives to the poisonous ones we use every single day. These are the products we offer at Au Naturel.

We often wonder where cancer comes from... and everything we put in and on our bodies has a direct effect on that. 60% of what you put on your body is absorbed through your skin. Every day I learn more and I am finding AMAZING products. I can't wait to tell you what’s NOT in them!!

Is It Worth It?

I once read, "If you think organic foods are expensive, have you priced cancer lately?" Buying USDA Organic helps avoid GMO. What's GMO? That's what I wanted to know. When I investigated GMO, my reaction was OMG! I thought learning about SLES and SLS was astonishing but when I read about Genetically Modified Organisms, suddenly I envisioned a Marvel Comic movie where some deformed villain was making all the food we eat and drink in a laboratory. I started to wonder when some superhero was going to come and put him out of business. Under the principals of supply and demand, my goal is to help EDUCATE you about what is in the products we put in and on our bodies and then create enough demand to increase the supply of NON GMO and USDA ORGANIC products. If we stop buying these harmful products maybe they will stop making them!

Is It Just Beauty Products?

We should think USDA Organic not only for what goes on our bodies, but what we put in them as well. Beyond beauty products, Au Naturel also features, vitamins and supplements, wheat grasses, protein mixes, and anything I could find that will enhance the way you look and feel naturally! The need to feel good and energized all day long depends on what we are putting in our bodies. I never understood how anyone could live a vegan lifestyle, but now that I have learned what that truly means, I think they must have started reading the ingredient labels. There are many vegan products that once you try them you will be hooked. I added these types of products simply because the energy bars and vitamins from the brands we have come to trust are full of sugars, and not natural sugars, genetically modified high fructose corn syrups and ingredients that do not nourish us. Instead, these ingredients can make us gain weight and feel sluggish. At Au Naturel, I have developed a curated collection of natural, organic and GMO free products.

My plan for Au Naturel Health & Beauty is to introduce these brands in a boutique like setting, develop a private label line and to eventually expand in other hometowns beyond Tarrytown. I am in this for the long haul I want to make a difference.

About me!

My name is Anna Cangiano. I moved to Tarrytown eight years ago. I grew up in Brooklyn. My parents had their own business, Cangiano's, an Italian Salumeria. There we made our own bread, sausage and mozzarella on a daily basis. On holidays we baked specialties like struffoli, Easter grain pie and Italian cheesecake. No one can top my mother’s cheesecake!

Being in the store and watching my parents work hard to build their business inspired me. That was quite an education first hand in a retail food business! It’s not something you can learn in school. I consider myself very lucky to have come from a family of entrepreneurs. I don't think I stumbled upon the retail bug, I think it’s in my blood! I majored in Accounting at Pace University. I also have a certificate in Interior Design from Parsons The New School. While my passion has always been Interior Design, (as my dad would say, that’s not a job) I'm always up for an interior design challenge, the retail bug never left me. Realizing my dream and opening Au Naturel Health & Beauty allows me the opportunity to combine my passion for retail with my belief that providing healthy alternatives to the poisonous products we use every single day will lead us all down a healthier pathway.

Please feel free to contact me directly at info@aunaturelinc.com